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Sphinx tuning

Sphinx tuning

Having issues with your Sphinx setup? There are two key types of Sphinx tuning you could perform for Sphinx installation to make your exiting search faster and relevant: performance tuning and relevance tuning.

Sphinx performance tuning

Having problems with Sphinx search speed? Indexing is too slow? Let me apply my experience and help you!

For existing Sphinx installation most of the time you can make your queries faster, improve indexing speed and Sphinx memory consumption by fine tuning Sphinx configuration, indexing methods and other ways like OS-level and application level tunings.

It is recommended to perform Sphinx review and tunning proactively on regular basis and right before you planning to add any significant amount of data.

Feel free to drop me a note to discuss improvements.

Optionally you could add Google-style search services like search query autocompletion with misspells corrections.

Check slides from my talks to learn more about Sphinx tuning tricks!

Contact me if you have any questions.

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