Vlad Fedorkov

Performance consulting for MySQL and Sphinx

Sphinx integration

Visitors satisfaction is a main goal for every website from online stores to personal blogs and search is a key component to reach it. Todays search is not only the instrument to provide results that find exactly what visitors are looking for but also a way to explore related areas what might be interesting and important.

Many years of search implementation for different customers from social networks to online communities and stores gave me unique experience on combining different technologies to build solutions where search speed and relevance become a base for general success.

Get yourself better search based on open source Sphinx search server with full cycle of installation, integration and maintenance with optional internal monitoring and performance audit for your MySQL database

Besides 10 to 1000 times search speed improvement against bundled MySQL Full-Text search capabilities Sphinx search offers better relevance with phrase search, proximity, zone support and more for full-text based queries.

Please let me know how would you like to improve your existing search.

Sphinx integration steps

During Sphinx integration project I will perform Sphinx installation, provide you a search demo and then will replace existing search on your website with new, faster and scalable Full-Text search.

Later as your website will have more data to handle I will help your website to grow up and scale Sphinx and rework MySQL configuration as needed.

Optionally you could add Google-style search services like search query autocompletion with misspells corrections.

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