Vlad Fedorkov

Performance consulting for MySQL and Sphinx

Initial review mode

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You can gather all the main data from your MySQL installation using –first-look mode:
Edit MySQL credentials in check_run.sh and run:

./check_run.sh --first-look

As it collects a lot of information all the data will be stored in separate files for review and processing convenience.

Generated by pt-summary from Percona Tools. Includes OS, kernel, architecture, processors, memory and many other important hardware and OS details.

sys-vmstat.log and sys-iostat.log
Detailed system load pattern and IO pressure.

File contains per-engine data distribution. You’ll see how much data stored in each MySQL engine (i.e. InnoDB, MyISAM, etc):

| engine | TABLES | rows   | DATA   | idx   | total_size |
| InnoDB |    357 | 90.98M | 25.24G | 9.48G | 34.72G     |
| MyISAM |     25 | 7.24M  | 4.13G  | 0.91G | 5.04G      |

Current state of InnoDB engine (SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS output)

MySQL processlist

Report key MySQL-related information like versions, counters, key variables and config file (where available). Generated by pt-mysql-summary tool from Percona Toolkit.

10 largest tables by size.

Complete tables statistics with engine information, number of rows in each table, amount of data and index size.