Vlad Fedorkov

Performance consulting for MySQL and Sphinx

MySQL backup

Keep your data safe. Hardware faults, OS issues, application bugs and human factor – it all makes your data fragile. Proper MySQL backup and system monitoring is the most convenient way to make sure your users, application, data and so your business is on the safe side.

What to use?

  • Percona XtraBackup – one of the greatest open source tools designed to perform full and incremental backups for MySQL.
  • LVM-based backup is a good solution for small-to-middle MySQL installations and application that can’t afford any significant downtime.
  • MySQL replication – could be used to create slave server with live replica used for failover and backup purposes.
  • mysqldump – bundled backup utility, good for small databases.

Request your backup strategy review today and get proper backup solution for your application to ensure safety!

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