Vlad Fedorkov

Performance consulting for MySQL and Sphinx

Consulting for MySQL and Sphinx

I focus on MySQL performance and performance troubleshooting for complex MySQL-based applications. I help companies to survive traffic growth, unexpected spikes, prevent outages and create long-term scaling plans to ensure capacity.

If you’d like to build an efficient, scalable infrastructure with the fault-tolerant design for on-premise or cloud, looking for proactive downtime prevention, optimal MySQL configuration and query optimization please feel free to drop me a note.

Knowledge sharing

I enjoy speaking on the conferences across the world and I’ll be happy to share everything I know about MySQL performance and troubleshooting with your audience.

Consulting for MySQL database

Please let me know what is your MySQL issue today.

Consulting for ProxySQL and HAproxy

ProxySQL is incredible fast proxy for MySQL which understands MySQL protocol and so can act on the query level. It will create a way to manage your MySQL traffic, balance the load and create fault tolerant MySQL infrastructure.

HAProxy is a TCP-level load balancer that allow to split the traffic between MySQL hosts.

  • Tackling proxies for your application architecture
  • Proof Of Concept for your application
  • HAProxy and ProxySQL installation and configuration
  • Benchmarking new setup with production queries
  • Seamless migration to layered connections
  • Seamless ProxySQL upgrades

Interesting in having POC and see how it can optimize your operational cost and boost performance? Please contact me today.

Consulting for Sphinx Search server

Sphinx search is extremely fast full text search technology that can boost website performance. Smart combinations of MySQL and NoSQL solutions could lead to better hardware utilization, decrease operational costs and minimize impact on the planet ecology.

If you need to improve your website search, tune up relevance or just want to ask a question please feel free to drop me a note and I’ll get back to you.

For many years I do Sphinx installation, integration, tuning and scaling busy installations. Please check some the areas that we can get improved:

If you have any issues with your current setup, please let me know.

Training classes for MySQL, ProxySQL and Sphinx

I’m available for MySQL and Sphinx private training classes. They are mostly targeted on mid-level DBAs, DevOps and developers so they can efficiently use MySQL and Sphinx as a technologies. Both developer and operations oriented classes are available. To name a few options:

  • Full day MySQL tutorial on configuration, planning schema, writing right queries, scaling and operations
  • 3-hours MySQL performance optimization class
  • 1.5-hours MySQL operations and monitoring class
  • 3-hours MySQL for developers tutorial
  • Full day Sphinx tutorial on relevance, advanced search and operations
  • 3-hours Sphinx tutorial on installation, integration and relevance
  • 1.5-hours Sphinx tutorial on cluster setup, HA, monitoring and operations

Classes are available both on-line and on-site. Book your team training today.

On-site visit

I am available for on-site (USA and Europe) consulting gigs. Please contact me for details.