Vlad Fedorkov

Performance consulting for MySQL and Sphinx

My talks

Some of my talks from recent conferences (yet to be updated):

2014, April: Percona Live MySQL UC, Santa Clara, USA.
Advanced search capabilities with MySQL and Sphinx, with Andrew Aksyonoff, PDF

2013, October: NYPHP meetup, NYC, USA.
Tricks and Treats for MySQL in Amazon Cloud, PDF

2012, October: Percona Live New York, USA
Creating Full-text based services with Sphinx and MySQL, PDF

2012, September: NYPHP meetup, NYC, USA
Full-Text with PHP and Sphinx, PDF

2012, June: DevConf-2012, Moscow, Russia (in russian)
Секреты производительности сфинкса, DevConf 2012, Слайды, PDF
Ежедневная работа с MySQL и Percona Tools, DevConf 2012, Слайды, PDF

2012, April: Percona Live (MySQL UC), Santa Clara, USA
How to offload MySQL server with Sphinx, PDF

2012, February: FOSDEM-2012, Belgium, Brussels
How to offload MySQL server with Sphinx, Essentials, PDF

2011, May: NYPHP, New York, USA
Full-Text Search with Sphinx and PHP

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